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Google Earth Pro is a mapping tool that allows you to see anywhere in the world. This is the premium version of Google Earth and it comes with some new tools. Another big difference is the resolution because all the images are clearer and can be used for business purposes.

Main Features

Google Earth Pro is a premium mapping tool that allows you to see images from anywhere on the planet. You can look at your own house, a nearby state or a completely different country. Simply type in an address and the program will show you nearby images. You can also click anywhere on the globe to get images.

Many people will notice that this looks nearly identical to the free version of Google Earth. The interface is very similar and it's just as easy to use. The major difference is that there are additional tools for measuring spaces or viewing properties. Due to this, Google Earth Pro has business uses for developers, real estate agents or anyone else who needs to evaluate properties and land.

Improved Resolution

The biggest difference you'll see between Google Earth and Google Earth Pro is the resolution. The free version has fairly good resolution and you can easily see the images, but you wouldn't want to use it for professional purposes. Google Earth Pro has enhanced resolution that can be printed and given to clients. These images can be used to show clients what a property looks like, which can be very useful for some people.

While most people will like this for professional reasons, those who simply want a better view may also like the enhanced resolution.

Same Imagery

There is absolutely no difference between the images on Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. The resolution is much better in the Pro version, but you are still seeing the exact same images regardless of which version you have. If you were hoping to see more images or to get live video of the world with the Pro version, then you might be disappointed. At the same time, Google makes it fairly clear that you shouldn't expect different images with the Pro version.

At the same time, one difference with Pro is that you can view previous images. This allows you to see what an area looked like months or years ago.

Create Maps

The Pro version allows you to upload and manage Geographic Information System, or GIS, data. This would include numerous waypoints that create a unique map for your travels. Not only can you manage GIS data, but you can easily see what all the areas look like. This allows you to change the destinations or make other changes as needed.


  • Upload and manage GIS data with ease.
  • Enhanced resolution makes this ideal for business and professional users.
  • View previous images to see how an area has changed over time.


  • Aside from the history feature, you will see all the same images as with the free version.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Data Visualization
  2. Data Capture
  3. Geocoding

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. Real-Time Streaming
  2. Data Manipulation
  3. Buffer Zone Query
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