Google Earth Pro

Enjoy incredible details of natural surroundings and buildings, as seen from space


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  • Category Geography
  • Program license Free
  • Version 7.3.6
  • Size 25.95 MB
  • Works under: Windows 7
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Google

Use the atlas to find almost anywhere on Earth.

One of the best features about this program is that it's interactive. It's not just a map of countries and cities that gives you a bit of information about each location. You can search for streets and other components of the location while adding your own details so that you remember the destination for future reference.

This is a program that is ideal for students who are learning about the world. They can draw on the maps that are available to help them learn about the different parts of the world. Each area can be labeled with different colors and small images so that they are easy to see when looking at the atlas.

A fun feature about the program is that you can see the buildings and landmarks of the cities on the map. There are tools that you can use to create a precise map that isn't available on the program, such as one that displays houses in your neighborhood or attractions that you want to visit in a specific city. It's a program that you can use when you're traveling as you can create your map before printing it out so that you don't have to keep checking your mobile device for roads.

Each component that you add to the maps can be saved, or you can clear the entire program to start over with a clean slate. Some information from other programs can be imported to give a different view of the streets, cities and countries. There are street views as well as views that look down on the area from the sky.


  • Highly detailed
  • Numerous design options
  • Customize your maps


  • Can be compacted at times
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